Dear Visitor,

we are glad to welcome you on the homepage of Dr. Cevikel’s dental practise in Nuremberg.
I am pleased that you have found to us and hope that you take your time to get first impressions of our dental practise at Albrecht-Dürer-Platz in Nuremberg.

Our main idea is to focus at the patients, make them feel comfortable in an convenient ambiance in contrast to well known common/regular and conventional type of a dental practise when they enter a dental practise for the first time. To us this makes a difference.
A noble waiting room with a generous entrance area and modern equipped working areas and surgery will confirm and underline our statements to please our patients.
Why another dental surgeon at the centre of Nuremberg where already many of them exists? To me its obligatory because lately more and more dental clinics raise, more and more dentists establish and work in common and by this way the patients lose their individuality and due to pressure of time they are degraded to a simple number.
To us every patient is an individual and deserves the right guidance, the right advice and the right medical treatment and the confidence of his/her dentist. As a gesture of hospitality you are always welcome to consume a cup of coffee as well as offered free WiFi within our facilities.
I’ll be glad to share my pretension with all of you within the historical old town of Nuremberg.

We hope to see you soon.
Dr. Ufuk Cevikel and Team


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in Nürnberg auf jameda

in Nürnberg auf jameda